HockeyApp from Microsoft

Transition plan

We're committed to migrating your HockeyApp account with zero hassle.

Preview your apps & data in Mobile Center

Spring 2017

Introducing Mobile Center

All your apps will be viewable and usable within Mobile Center. Try out all the services Mobile Center provides without affecting your HockeyApp workflow.

Collaborate with others

Work alongside all your existing HockeyApp collaborators in Mobile center. All users enjoy the same permissions they enjoy in HockeyApp today.

Use HockeyApp and Mobile Center Side-by-Side

While Mobile Center remains in Preview, HockeyApp will continue as a production-ready. Feel free to try Mobile Center in development projects that don’t require production-level support.


Transition to Mobile Center

Late 2017

Make the move to Mobile Center

When Mobile Center enters General Availability later this year, you can start officially migrating all of your apps, data, organizations, and users with the click of a button. Move one app at a time, or all your apps at once!

Change your SDK. Keep your data.

The Mobile Center SDK is built to be faster and more modular than the HockeySDK. Ship the Mobile Center SDK in a future release, and still receive data from the HockeyApp SDK in Mobile Center from past releases. You’ll have a full year to transition SDKs at your own pace.

Farewell, HockeyApp!


Complete parity

Mobile Center is committed to meeting and exceeding HockeyApp’s benchmark. Over the next several months, Mobile Center will deliver new features weekly with the aim of matching HockeyApp’s capabilities one-to-one.

Full platform support

Mobile Center will support all the platforms HockeyApp supports today – including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Cordova, React Native, Unity, and Xamarin.

Saying goodbye

When customers agree that Mobile Center matches the capabilities of HockeyApp – and not a moment sooner – we’ll begin to say goodbye.