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Pricing & commerce

How will Mobile Center be priced after the Preview?

Mobile Center will have a generous free tier designed to satisfy modest needs for indie developers, plus competitive pricing for large scale enterprises.

If I need more than the free tier of Mobile Center, will I be able to pay for it on my Azure bill?


What will happen to the HockeyApp plan I’ve been paying for?

No changes for now. Your subscription will continue to be valid as long as you use HockeyApp.

Should I renew my existing HockeyApp subscription?

Yes. If your HockeyApp coverage overlaps with your move to Mobile Center, we’ll honor the remainder of your HockeyApp plan in Mobile Center.

Will Mobile Center be more expensive than HockeyApp?

We expect that Mobile Center will be more affordable than HockeyApp for the vast majority of customers, for the same level of functionality.


Debuting this spring

When will my apps arrive in Mobile Center?

This spring you will be able to view all your existing HockeyApp apps in Mobile Center. Later this year, you will be able to fully transition your app into Mobile Center.

What if I want to continue using HockeyApp?

You should! Adopt and use Mobile Center at your own pace.

Do I need to change my SDK?

Not yet. Continue to use your HockeySDK and we will push your crashes and analytics into Mobile Center with no fuss.

Can I use some apps in HockeyApp and move others over to Mobile Center?

Yes. Feel free to use your apps in both HockeyApp and Mobile Center simultaneously.

What happens to my HockeyApp data?

Crashes and analytics from HockeySDK will be streamed to Mobile Center. We will communicate additional migration options late in 2017.

I like a certain feature in HockeyApp. Does Mobile Center have feature-parity with HockeyApp?

Our goal is to have feature-parity with HockeyApp. To keep track of this progress, please see our roadmap.

Is Mobile Center ready for production apps?

Not quite. Mobile Center will exit Preview this fall, then it will be ready for production apps.

When will all of the Mobile Center services be generally available, fully supported, and backed by uptime guarantees in a service level agreement?

We’re working on the specific timing, but currently we expect Mobile Center to be generally available late in 2017.

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