Distribution Groups

Our distribution group features make distributing applications to different sets of test users quick and easy. Full access control included.

Organize Your Distribution Groups

Chances are you have more than two testers for your app. In fact, we strongly encourage you to test your app with as many users as possible. So you quickly end up with hundreds or even thousands of testers. Managing access is simple: HockeyApp allows you to group users into distribution groups. This scales beautifully from a small set of users to big enterprise groups.

And of course you can grant and revoke access to each individual app on a per-team or individual basis.

Grant Access with Roles

Each user of an app can either be an owner, developer, member or tester, giving you fine-grained control over individual permissions:

  • Owners have full control over the app
  • Developers can upload and edit all basic data of an app
  • Members can view all data and answer to feedback
  • Testers can download and install the app

Every user can post new feedback to the application regardless of their role, be it from the web UI or through our iOS, Android, Mac OS X, or Windows SDK.

Organizational Ownership

You can even create whole organizations in HockeyApp to structure ownership with respect to legal entities or your clients. Each organization has a different set of owners who can then take full control over the account.

Finally, you can transfer app ownership between organizations and accounts. Whatever the structure of your company is or will be, HockeyApp has you covered.

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