Distribute in-house apps for your employees on all supported platforms or scale with your demands. Integrate your existing build and work item management solutions with HockeyApp to bring DevOps to your mobile apps.

Visual Studio Team Services

Take advantage of a strong Mobile DevOps process by combining Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp.

Visual Studio Team Services offers source code management, agile planning, continuous integration and release management.

HockeySDK will collect usage data, crash reports, user feedback with screenshots, and show an alert when the next build is available. Closing the loop, HockeyApp can automatically create work items for a new crash group or feedback thread and keep the status in sync with VSTS.


Bug Tracker & Build Server

We play nicely and love to connect with your existing infrastructure to get your Mobile DevOps cycle covered. For example, we support creating tickets for crash groups in all major issue tracking solutions with a single click. We also provide a full-fledged webhook API.

API to Export All Data

Your data is owned by you, and you can export all your account data at any time. We also provide an easy-to-use exporting API so you can connect your own or even third-party services.



Whether you develop for iOS, Android, Mac OS X, or Windows, all of our client SDKs are open-source. You can read all of our code, change it, or inspect it during code reviews. And of course you can also customize the look of our SDK to your needs.


Our client SDKs all come with everything built-in. No external dependencies necessary. Just integrate them with your favorite build tool and you're good to go. There is no performance penalty on your app and they have been battle-tested in thousands of apps, from small indie developers to multi-national companies.


Secure Infrastructure

We leverage leading cloud providers for our infrastructure. Our focus is ensuring high uptime, scalability, and security for your data. Visit the Microsoft Trust Center to see how Azure keeps your data safe, or visit the AWS Security Center.

Privacy Policy

We don’t share any of your data with anyone except to comply with the law or protect our rights. Your data is owned by you and we take care to ensure your privacy is respected. You can find more details in the Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement.

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