Upload your beta versions to HockeyApp so testers can install them. Think of HockeyApp as your personal or in-house App Store for testing. Invite or recruit testers through our easy-to-use Dashboard.

All Your Apps in One Place

See all installable apps on our beautiful Dashboard, be it on desktop or mobile. And from our mobile website or client apps, your testers can directly install their desired apps. As an admin, you’ll have full control over which user can see and install which app. You can manage all this and more from the Dashboard.

The HockeyApp dashboard

Keep Your Users Updated

Your users can install their apps from our mobile website or client apps and notify them of new versions on iOS, Android, and all other supported platforms. You can even require them to update to a specific version if you need to.

iOS new version notification

Distribution Made Easy

If you are the developer in charge of uploading beta versions, you'll be happy to know that we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Our desktop apps gather all the necessary info about your latest build automatically, so uploading a new build is not a chore. This includes the platform-dependent app-identifier, version and build number and symbolication information for crash reports.

HockeyApp distribution

User (and Device) Registration and Management Built-In

Our powerful test management lets you group testers, collect device identifiers (for example UDID on iOS and UUID on Mac) and restrict access to certain groups, e.g. for internal builds. You'll also have full control about the release date and notifications you send out. And finally, HockeyApp even allows you to build a recruitment page for inviting new testers.

HockeyApp test user management

Keep exploring the awesome features of HockeyApp - Distribution, Crash Reports, Feedback, Analytics, Distribution Groups, Enterprise - or try them out on your own, live!