Crash Reports

You don't want your app to crash, but it happens. And when it does, you'd better have fast and precise info about what went wrong and why. With HockeyApp, you'll get meaningful crash reports. Best of all, we regularly assess that HockeyApp has the most reliable crash reporting on the market.

Easy to Get Started

By integrating our open source SDK for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows your apps can send crash reports directly to HockeyApp, no additional code required.

You can send crash reports automatically or with user interaction or add custom metadata to your reports as well as log files.

Mobile screenshot of HockeyApp crash report dialog

Powerful Crash Analysis

We process and symbolicate all crash reports on our servers. That means you get meaningful stack traces with class names, methods, and accurate line numbers.

Just upload your builds with our desktop apps and we'll include everything necessary for symbolication. We'll also group similar crashes to show you which have the most impact on your app's customer experience.

Search crash reports in the HockeyApp dashboard

Integrates with Your Workflow

HockeyApp features powerful search tools to help you find the root cause for a bug, e.g. a specific OS version or device type. You can also connect your own bug tracking system for further functionality like integration in your Mobile DevOps process.

Integrate HockeyApp with your favorite bug tracker

Full Manual Control

Our crash reports are fully compatible with the respective platform. Got a crash report via email? We've got you covered. Just upload it to HockeyApp and the symbols will appear without any more work on your end.

Manullay upload crash reports

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