Frequently Asked Questions

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Transition to App Center

  • What is the future of HockeyApp?

    Last year, we announced that HockeyApp features and functionality would move to Visual Studio App Center, a single solution for continuously building, testing, releasing, and monitoring your apps. Because HockeyApp’s distribution, crash reporting, and analytics services are now available in App Center, HockeyApp will be retired on November 16, 2019.

  • How does this transition affect my HockeyApp data?

    We’re committed to making this transition seamless for you. With that in mind, we've already migrated your HockeyApp apps to App Center with no risk to your data or disruption to your existing experience in HockeyApp. Your distribution history data is continuously synced to App Center, and your crashes and analytics data from the HockeySDK is streamed to App Center.

  • What do I need to do to start preparing for the transition?

    As a HockeyApp customer, your HockeyApp apps have already been migrated to App Center. So getting started is as simple as signing-in to App Center with your HockeyApp credentials. Your apps from HockeyApp will be ready for you to use in App Center through our side-by-side experience.

  • What can I do with my HockeyApp apps in App Center?

    We’ve built a side-by-side experience that allows you to work in both App Center and HockeyApp with your HockeyApp apps. Updates in HockeyApp are reflected in App Center, and new releases to your HockeyApp distribution groups in App Center are reflected in Hockeyapp. Learn more about the side-by-side experience to start taking advantage of App Center's new services and features.

  • All of my HockeyApp apps are in App Center. Does this mean my transition to App Center is complete?

    While we have migrated your apps from HockeyApp to App Center, your data is still tied to HockeyApp. Starting in early 2019, you will be able to complete your migration by moving all of your apps fully to App Center. This will remove the syncing with HockeyApp, and will give you full control of your apps in App Center.

  • What if I want to continue using HockeyApp?

    You can! While we encourage you to start in App Center today, you can continue to use HockeyApp as you normally would. You will have until November 16, 2019 to transition fully to App Center on your own time.

  • Do I need to change my SDK?

    Yes, but not yet. Continue to use the HockeySDK with your HockeyApp apps and we will push your crashes and analytics into App Center seamlessly.

  • I like a certain feature in HockeyApp. Does App Center have feature-parity with HockeyApp?

    App Center does not yet have all of HockeyApp's features, but we're getting close. View our roadmap to keep track of this progress. If you have a feature request, we'd love to hear it. Share your feedback and feature requests in the App Center dashboard using the blue App Center support chat button.

  • Will the services I use in HockeyApp be free in App Center?

    Yes! The beta app distribution, crash reporting and analytic services you use in HockeyApp will continue to be free in App Center.

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