What data is collected with User Metrics?


As we continue to invest in User Metrics and analytics, we thought it’s important to discuss in more detail what data we collect and what we do with it. Our goal is to ensure HockeyApp provides you the best solution on the market, and to do that we understand that we need to be transparent about the data we collect from your apps.

There are three categories of User Metrics data we collect and provide to HockeyApp customers. Basic User Metrics help developers understand the adoption of their app and/or app versions. Custom Events tracking (currently a Preseason feature) allows developers to better understand how customers are using their app. Quality and performance metrics (such as users impacted by crashes) help developers make sure that they ship high quality apps and that their users have a flawless experience.

Data Privacy

The HockeySDKs are collecting user data anonymously. When collecting User Metrics, the SDKs anonymously track the users of your app by creating a UUID that is then securely stored. This UUID is not correlated across apps or with a user’s personal information, as we do not collect such information. We do not store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on our servers located in the United States. However, we do store country, language and device data, such as device type and OS version as part of the crash reporting functionality. The way that data collection works in detail is documented in this article. As always, our SDKs are open source if you want to check what exactly is happening.

As a developer, you have full control and responsibility over how you track Custom Events and what information you include in crash logs. HockeyApp does not obfuscate the information sent, and it is in your responsibility to not collect personal information (such as email address, phone number, name, etc.) when instrumenting your app.

If you are still worried about how HockeyApp collects data in the new SDKs, you can opt-out of the automatic collection of anonymous user and session statistics by following the platform-specific instructions listed here. By opting out of the anonymous collection of user and session statistics, HockeyApp will no longer be able to show you Crash Free Users, Custom Event information, or adoption and usage patterns. This may impact additional functionality in the future.

HockeyApp is offered under the Microsoft Azure Service Agreement, as explained in a previous blogpost.

To see the technical details specifying the data we collect, read our Knowledge Base article.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please send us a message using our support system or join our public Slack channel - HockeyCamp.