Users Know Best - Find out What They Know

Engaging with your users in a meaningful fashion is a key in driving adoption for your app. Getting early and regular feedback can help you prioritize features, learn what people do and don’t like about your app, and gain meaningful information about your user’s expectations. It’s crucial at every stage of development that you stay as close as possible to your users. Interacting with your users gives them a feeling of being connected to the app, and seeing their recommendations and suggestions come to life in your app creates a sense that the app developers really care about their individual experience. The best marketers for your app are its users, so why not give them the voice they deserve?

HockeyApp aims to provide the complete feature set to get feedback for your app. You can collect feedback via the web or get a feedback conversation going with users directly from within the app, all to build a relationship, gain deeper user understanding, and deepen the sense of community around your app. The HockeyApp web dashboard provides everything for valuable feedback - it allows your users and beta testers to send comments, report bugs and suggest features directly. Users can send feedback with attachments, in turn developers can look at all the feedback threads and assign threads to other members if they think members may find them interesting.

Furthermore, as the app developer, you can post replies to feedback threads such that they are only visible to other developers and members for your internal discussion, or with the user to foster a deeper conversation. You can easily set the status of any feedback thread and mark it as completed.

HockeyApp’s in-app SDKs provide another powerful way of getting the communication going with your users. Users can directly send you feedback from the app, attach annotated screenshots, highlight any part in the image or obfuscate any private information. They can get everything done directly from the app without leaving it, which makes it easy to send feedback quickly.

Getting started with collecting feedback from your app is as simple as adding a few lines of code from the SDK, yet provides a huge potential for your app’s success.

We also support agile planning tool integration within the feedback feature. You can easily create or assign a ticket in your agile planning tool, follow up with your team or talk about a feature suggestion for the next release. We support a variety of agile planning tools including JIRA, Github, Bitbucket, and of course Visual Studio Team Services. Here’s a list of our supported agile planning tools.

In addition, when you notify your team members about a new release via email, they can reply to that email to provide feedback in a single step. HockeyApp will parse their reply and start a new discussion in your feedback tab. Testers can also provide feedback on both public and private download pages by simply filling out a form. If you use an external support system for managing feedback and want to opt out of HockeyApp feedback, you can disable it from the dashboard.

Client SDKs - iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows Phone Silverlight Apps (8.0 and 8.1), Xamarin, Unity Plugins – React Native, Cordova Check out our Releases to get the latest client SDKs integrated in to your app.

So get started with getting your app’s feedback to deliver the best value to your users. We’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions about this feature. Please send us a message using our support system or join our public Slack channel - HockeyCamp.