Best Practices

Best practices evolve as new solutions become available. See how to take advantage of the latest solutions to get feedback from your users, manage quality in your mobile apps, and ship your apps faster.

Mobile DevOps? DevOps? What’s the Difference?

Great question. With all things DevOps, the answer is both simple and complex. The practices and the culture should be the same between DevOps and Mobile DevOps (simple), but the tooling required to successfully integrate a Mobile DevOps practice is going to be different than tooling for your DevOps practice (complex). Read more

External Beta Testing - Why and How to do it

Every business wants to build high quality products that customers love and truly fulfill their needs, regardless of whether they are building a physical product such as a chair, a hardware product or software product. To build a successful product, you need to put the product in the hands of different users early in the development process, and iterate over it to make it great. Read more

Users Know Best - Find out What They Know

Engaging with your users in a meaningful fashion is a key in driving adoption for your app. Getting early and regular feedback can help you prioritize features, learn what people do and don’t like about your app, and gain meaningful information about your user’s expectations. It’s crucial at every stage of development that you stay as close as possible to your users. Read more