Pricing & commerce

What is the pricing structure for Visual Studio App Center?

Visual Studio App Center has a generous free tier with the option to pay as your app grows. You can learn more about the details here.

How does Visual Studio App Center billing work?

App Center services are billed to your Azure subscription. For more information on creating an Azure subscription, please click here.

What will happen to the HockeyApp plan I’ve been paying for?

No changes for now. Your subscription will continue to be valid as long as you use HockeyApp.

How does App Center’s pricing compare to the HockeyApp?

You should generally expect to pay the same or less for comparable services in App Center.

Transition to Visual Studio App Center

When will my apps arrive in App Center?

Starting in mid-November all HockeyApp apps and data have been synced with App Center. This allows you to explore new App Center features while still maintaining full control in HockeyApp. Login to App Center using your HockeyApp credentials to see your apps.

What if I want to continue using HockeyApp?

You should! Adopt and use App Center at your own pace.

Do I need to change my SDK?

Not yet. Continue to use your HockeySDK and we will push your crashes and analytics into App Center seamlessly.

Can I use some apps in HockeyApp and move others over to App Center?

Yes. Feel free to use your apps in both HockeyApp and App Center simultaneously.

What happens to my HockeyApp data?

While your distribution history data will be synced to App Center, your crashes and analytics from the HockeySDK will be streamed to App Center. Note that Crash is currently in preview for HockeyApp apps and you will need to join the preview in App Center to start collecting crash data. We will communicate additional options starting in 2018.

I like a certain feature in HockeyApp. Does App Center have feature-parity with HockeyApp?

We’ll be working hard to continuously add new features to App Center. To keep track of this progress, please see our roadmap.

When will App Center be ready for me to migrate my apps completely off of HockeyApp?

We’re working on the specific timing, but currently we expect the option to fully migrate off of HockeyApp to App Center to be available in late 2018.

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