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HockeyApp is the platform to collect live crash reports, get feedback from your users, distribute your betas, recruit new testers, and analyze your test coverage. The world's best developers rely on HockeyApp to develop the best apps.

Crash Reports

HockeyApp offers the most reliable and complete crash reporting for beta and App Store versions using open source frameworks. Providing full server-side symbolication with class names, methods, line numbers, and automatic grouping of similar crash reports.

Crash reports appear in real-time with fully symbolicated stack traces.

By including our open source SDK for Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows Phone your apps will be able to send crash reports to HockeyApp. You can send crash reports automatically or with user interaction, add custom meta data or log files, and inspect the SDK's code for further customization and security audits.

HockeyApp automatically groups similar crashes in an elegant and intelligent way. Use our powerful search feature to find the crash reports you are most interested in, e.g. reports for a certain device type or OS version. Connect your bug tracking system for further functionality and integration into your development process.

The real deal. Crash logs for iOS and Mac come in the same format as the Apple crash reports that you find on the device or in iTunes Connect. All threads included! Got a crash report via email? Upload it to HockeyApp and let the symbols appear.


HockeyApp allows you to communicate with your customers. Users can create a support request, post an idea, or discuss a problem right from within the app.

Manage your discussions in our beautiful web interface. Or just answer via email. You can also search for old and new discussions, assign a status, or create ticket in your bug tracker.


Upload your beta versions to HockeyApp and distribute them to your beta testers. Integrate our open-source SDK and your app will automatically be able to detect updates and offer the updates right within the app.

Are you a developer or tester? Or both?
HockeyApp shows all your apps on the Dashboard.
Just click or tap an app to download and install.

Our powerful test management allows you to group testers, collect device identifiers (UDID on iOS and UUID on Mac,) and restrict access for internal builds. You'll have full control about the release and notifications alike.


By integrating our SDK into your app, you'll get advanced metrics to get a better overview of the testing for your app. See which devices were tested, which testers used the app for how long, and which language was tested.

Analytics are only available for alpha and beta apps.
Analytics for live apps will be coming later this year.

What our customers say

Frederik Seiffert: HockeyApp profoundly improved test cycles of our iOS and Mac apps by making it incredibly easy to send out pre-release builds to our testers. In addition, its superb crash reporter feature with automatic symbolication uncovered a number of more obscure issues not showing up in iTunes Connect and really should be used by any iOS developer.
Loren Brichter: Hands down the best option for developing apps. Beta testing any other way is downright primitive in comparison, and once the app goes live I get *symbolicated* crash reports as they happen.
Dominik Wagner: Highlight: In-app update checking and updating. It's a godsend. Be prepared to see crash reports you never saw using apple's interface. HockeyApp made it really easy to coordinate betas on short notice.
Kent Sutherland: While collecting crash reports and distributing new beta versions would certainly be possible without HockeyApp, the way it aggregates everything into a few statistics makes it possible to actually use the data. HockeyApp's method of sorting crash reports into distinct crash groups makes it easy to prioritize bugs. Doing that without HockeyApp would be an unthinkably tedious task.
Cabel Sasser: Clean and powerful, HockeyApp is our favorite way to take a lot of complexity out of the testing process. We’re more in tune with bugs, able to deliver builds to large groups of people easier, and improving our software as a result.
Sophia Teutschler: I really like the flexibility HockeyApp provides me and my testers. They can decide themselves if they want to create an account on the site or not. So all I have to do is upload a new version and the users who want, get an email notification and all others can easily update with the in app updates feature.