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Introducing HockeyApp Preseason


Today we are introducing the new HockeyApp Preseason program. The HockeyApp team would like to invite all users to try out the latest features. Joining the Preseason program will grant you early access to features still under development. We invite you to try out these features and provide direct feedback to the development team to help shape the direction that HockeyApp takes.

Apply for Preseason now.

We have a number of new and upcoming features we are planning to roll out to the Preseason program first. These are just a few of the new features that are coming to HockeyApp soon:

User Metrics

Understand user behavior to improve your app. Track usage through daily and monthly active users. Monitor crash impacted users. Measure customer engagement through session count. User metrics will provide insight into the most critical view of how users are using your app.

Mobile Developer Apps

Get access to your HockeyApp data on the go. With these new mobile apps you will always have access to the most essential HockeyApp data about your apps.

Azure Active Directory

Enable support to login and authentication into HockeyApp through Azure Active Directory. Once integrated, you can use your existing Active Directory and security groups to control access to your HockeyApp apps. Allow your team members to sign in using their Active Directory work accounts, and you to manage your users in one place.

HockeySDK for tvOS

If you’re developing a tvOS app, try out the latest SDK offering from HockeyApp. Experience HockeyApp’s powerful crash reporting for your tvOS apps.

HockeySDK for UWP

You can now use HockeyApp in your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. Get access to the latest in the Windows ecosystem as our developers unlock symbolication for .Net native code.

HockeySDK 3.7.0 for Android


We are happy to announce the public availability of version 3.7.0 of our Android SDK. With this version, we move the SDK to a Gradle build using Android Studio. This greatly simplifies the steps for integration by fetching the App ID from the Gradle configuration and adding necessary permissions and activities automatically. This is particularly handy if you have different product flavors with different App IDs. Find details on how to get started in our updated setup guide.

Finally, moving to Gradle allows us to use public continuous integration, so every PR you create will now be automatically checked with the results available to you.

This release is not only about easier integration, though. We improved the overall flexibility of several aspects and added German and French translations to start with.

You can access the release here:


Version 3.7.0

  • [NEW] SDK is now built with Gradle in Android Studio
  • [NEW] CrashManager, UpdateManager, FeedbackManager, and LoginManager have new register()-methods which determine the app identifier automatically from the app’s manifest
  • [NEW] Permissions and activities are now automatically added through manifest merging
  • [NEW] String resources are now in the strings.xml file, so you can override them easily
  • [NEW] Crashes now include thread name and ID. You can find them in the crash log section in the backend by clicking “View raw log” (#102)
  • [NEW] Added German & French localization
  • [UPDATE] SDK now targets Android 6.0 (API level 23), requires Android 2.3 (API level 9) as minimum
  • [UPDATE] Documentation update on how to use and customize your usage of the SDK, e.g. how to make use of HockeyApp’s authentication feature
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Moved user interface to resources for more flexibility in the future
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added build checks using Travis CI
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Option to prefill feedback UI with the user’s name and email (thanks to PR #110)
  • [FIX] Fixed several potential issues identified by Lint
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue where we couldn’t detect if an app was installed from the Play Store or through ADB on Xiaomi devices (#99)

HockeySDK for Android 3.7.0 Release Candidate 1


Today we are happy to announce the availability of the first release candidate of our Android SDK version 3.7.0. Moving to a new build system has been a major effort, so we gladly appreciate your help in the final testing of this release.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have feedback or run into any issues.

You can access the release here:


Version 3.7.0-rc.1

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Option to prefill feedback UI with the user’s name and email (PR #110)
  • [BUGFIX] Updated French localization
  • [BUGFIX] Fix the feedback UI when drawing
  • [BUGFIX] Update UI now shows up when an update is available

Score a free puck with HockeyApp!


Score more than just a great Mobile DevOps workflow – score a free, branded hockey puck for configuring the HockeyApp extension for Visual Studio Team Services. And deploying a mobile Android, iOS or Windows app to HockeyApp. To do this, you will need:

  1. A free or paid HockeyApp account
  2. A free or paid Visual Studio Team Services account
  3. The free HockeyApp extension for Visual Studio Team Services

Then configure your build in Visual Studio Team Services and configure the deployment from Visual Studio Team Services to HockeyApp with the HockeyApp extension, run your build, watch it deploy to HockeyApp. We will need some details to send you the puck, so don’t forget to give us those!

For all the details, see the official rules.

Planned Maintenance on November 22nd


We are planning maintenance for the app creation subsystem on Sunday, November 22nd, between 18:00 and 19:00 UTC. We expect no downtime for HockeyApp, but the creation of new apps will be delayed during this window.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or via email.