HockeyApp 2.0.9 for Mac


We are happy to announce a new release of HockeyApp for Mac. This version adds complete support for Swift and fixes a couple of minor issues on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

You can download HockeyApp for Mac from here.

If you're interested, the full release notes are below:

Version 2.0.9

  • [BUGFIX] Fixed app icons being interlaced and not showing correctly on Firefox and Chrome when uploading using Yosemite
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed some Mac apps signing being corrupted after upload
  • [BUGFIX] Various minor additional fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.8

  • [UPDATE] SDK Integration: Improved Swift integration support
  • [BUGFIX] SDK Integration: Fixed an error when the Xcode project is not on the system volume
  • [BUGFIX] Crash Viewer: Fixed the line numbers not showing up
  • [BUGFIX] Crash Viewer: Fixed a crash when clicking on the line number column
  • [BUGFIX] Crash Viewer: Fixed a crash when changing number of source code context lines
  • [BUGFIX] Various minor additional fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.7

  • [NEW] SDK Integration: Added Swift integration support
  • [UPDATE] Crash Viewer: Cleaned up the stack trace presentation
  • [BUGFIX] Crash Viewer: Fixed a crash that could occur with OS X 10.9.4
  • [BUGFIX] Various minor additional fixes and improvements

HockeySDK 3.6.1 Release for iOS


We are happy to announce a new release of HockeySDK for iOS. This new version adds attachment & screenshots to the feedback component, support for iOS 8 extensions, and many improvements to the crash reporting component. Download the update for our iOS SDK here:

HockeySDK-iOS 3.6.1 for armv7, armv7s, and arm64:

If you're interested, the full release notes are below:


  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Added support for iOS 8 Extensions
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Option to add a custom UI flow before sending a crash report, e.g. to ask users for more details (see setAlertViewHandler:)
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Provide details on a crash report (see lastSessionCrashDetails and BITCrashDetails)
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Experimental support for detecting app kills triggered by iOS while the app is in foreground (see enableAppNotTerminatingCleanlyDetection)
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Added didReceiveMemoryWarningInLastSession which indicates if the last app session did get a memory warning by iOS
  • [NEW] BITFeedbackManager: Attach and annotate images and screenshots
  • [NEW] BITFeedbackManager: Attach any binary data to compose message view (see showFeedbackComposeViewWithPreparedItems:)
  • [NEW] BITFeedbackManager: Show a compose message with a screenshot image attached using predefined triggers (see feedbackObservationMode) or your own custom triggers (see showFeedbackComposeViewWithGeneratedScreenshot)
  • [NEW] Minimum iOS Deployment version is now iOS 6.0
  • [NEW] Requires to link additional frameworks: AssetsLibrary, MobileCoreServices, QuickLook
  • [UPDATE] BITCrashManager: Updated setCrashCallbacks handling now using BITCrashManagerCallbacks instead of PLCrashReporterCallbacks (which is no longer public)
  • [UPDATE] BITCrashManager: Crash reports are now sent individually if there are multiple pending
  • [UPDATE] BITUpdateManager: Improved algorithm for fetching an optimal sized app icon for the Update View
  • [UPDATE] BITUpdateManager: Properly consider paragraphs in release notes when presenting them in the Update view
  • [UPDATE] Property delegate in all components is now private. Set the delegate on BITHockeyManager only!
  • [UPDATE] Removed support for Atlassian JMC
  • [BUGFIX] BITFeedbackManager: Fixed feedback compose view to correctly show the text in landscape on iOS 8
  • [BUGFIX] Various additional fixes

HockeyApp & iOS 8 State Of The Union


Now that iOS 8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus have launched, we have collected all of the feedback from all of our awesome customers (you!) and the following blog post contains all of the issues that we’re currently aware of.

Installation Errors

We've received reports from developers that in some cases, the installation request for any alpha, beta, or enterprise app is simply ignored by iOS 8. To work around this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on your app on HockeyApp

  2. Click on Manage App, then on Distribution

  3. Set the "iOS 8 Workaround" option to "Enabled"

  4. Click on Save

When this setting is enabled, HockeyApp will modify the bundle identifier of your app (by appending .ios8) in the manifest plist that triggers the installation. This way iOS 8 can not match the bundle identifier against its cache and will install the app. A side effect is that the user will see two app icons during the download if a previous version was already installed. This workaround will only be applied to iOS 8 devices.

We have also seen issues with provisioning profiles and entitlements in Xcode 6. If you encounter such an issue, please re-create your certificate and profile in the iOS Dev Center.

Background Installation

The installation of apps now happens in the background, i.e. the user has to manually go to the home screen to see the installation progress. Please update to HockeySDK 3.5.7 to handle this for in-app updates:

Manual Installation of Provisioning Profiles

Apple disabled the feature to manually download a provisioning profile with iOS 8, i.e. the Install Profile button doesn't work and refuses to install the profile. on iOS 8 also does not show the list of installed provisioning profiles. The only solution is to create a new build for each new profile and upload that build to HockeyApp.

To avoid confusion with testers, HockeyApp no longer shows the Install Profile button on the download page for devices running iOS 8.

Automatic Authentication

The automatic authentication feature no longer works as Apple has removed access to the iTunesArtwork from within the app.

As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please send us a message using our support system.

HockeySDK 3.5.7 Release for iOS


We’re still testing the iOS 8 GM, but wanted to provide you a fast update with fixes for the issues that we know about at this time. Download the update for our iOS SDK here:
HockeySDK 3.5.7 for armv7, armv7s, and arm64

If you have any questions or want to report bugs, please contact us at or via email. We will post more details and documentation on iOS 8 within the next few days.


  • [UPDATE] Easy Swift integration for binary distribution (No Objective-C bridging header required)
  • [UPDATE] BITAuthenticator: Improved keychain handling
  • [UPDATE] BITUpdateManager: Improved iOS 8 In-App Update process handling
  • [BUGFIX] BITUpdateManager: Fixed layout issue for resizable iOS layout
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an iTunes Connect warning for attachmentData property

Recruit New Team Members


We have extended HockeyApp's recruitment feature to support both apps and teams. When you set up a recruitment page for your app, users can apply to become a tester for this specific app. The recruitment page shows the icon and title of your app and the app will appear on the user’s dashboard once you have accepted the new tester.

With the new team recruitment, you can recruit users more generically for your company’s tester pool or a project that plans to release more than one app. The recruitment page only shows the name of your team, and teams do not have to belong to an app so you can start recruiting testers even before releasing the app on HockeyApp.

The new team devices page lets you easily export all or just a set of devices of your team members. For example, if you want to expand your product portfolio with a new iPad app, simply export all iPads, add them to the new app’s provisioning profile, and your testers are ready to go.

Last but not least, you can now add members to a team without sending an invitation email. The only condition is that the user has already accepted an invite from your account or organization in the past, either for another team or for an app.

As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions on how to improve the SDK, please send us a message using our support system. We hope you enjoy this new feature.