HockeyApp from Microsoft

HockeyApp 2.0.11 for Mac


We are happy to announce a new release of HockeyApp for Mac. This version brings various bugfixes.

You can download HockeyApp for Mac from here.

If you're interested, the full release notes are below:

Version 2.0.11

  • [NEW] puck: Now does simple verification of app_id parameter value
  • [UPDATE] Crash Viewer: Improve error message when no source code is shown
  • [UPDATE] Upload UI: Increase height of error text sheet, for fully displaying longer error messages
  • [UPDATE] Upload UI: Improve check for invalid CFBundleVersion or versionCode values
  • [BUGFIX] Crash Viewer: Fix a bug that caused source code not to show up in some cases when using using non Git repositories
  • [BUGFIX] Welcome UI: Fix layout bug in case of long app names
  • [BUGFIX] Various minor additional fixes and improvements

HockeyApp Joins Microsoft


We’re happy to share some exciting news with you: Microsoft has acquired HockeyApp! This is a tremendous opportunity to continue to provide developers with the best app development tools and users with the best app experiences.

When we founded our company, our intent and mission was to always stay indie. In fact, we initially created HockeyApp as a developer tool for our own apps. We wanted a powerful and flexible way to improve our apps and with a lot of digging and perseverance, we found a way to do it.

Microsoft has been a HockeyApp customer with many apps since the early days back in 2011, so they were already familiar with the stability and quality of our service. Creating the best developer experience is key to both Microsoft and HockeyApp, this includes delivering industry leading tools for the major platforms: iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, and Windows Phone. We saw the potential of the added abilities and resources of Microsoft to make our platform even better. It may sound cliché, but it really does feel like a match made in heaven.

We want to be very clear about the most important thing: we remain dedicated to our mission of making the best app development feedback and testing distribution platform in the world. Your HockeyApp apps and accounts will continue to work and the team has not stopped working on advancing the platform. Throughout the next few months, we’ll reveal more about our plans with Microsoft.

Last but certainly not least, the entire team wants to thank you: our users, partners, customers, friends, and fellow developers for all of your support, feedback, and most importantly, evangelism. Our indie spirit will continue on at Microsoft and we’re more excited than ever about the future of HockeyApp. If you’re interested in learning more from Microsoft about the acquisition, please visit the Microsoft blog.

Thank you again,

Michael, Andreas, Stefan, and Thomas

HockeyApp 2.0.10 for Mac


We are happy to announce a new release of HockeyApp for Mac. This version adds improved support for 10.10 Yosemite and more.

You can download HockeyApp for Mac from here.

If you're interested, the full release notes are below:

Version 2.0.10

  • [NEW] Improved Yosemite support, including dark mode menu bar
  • [NEW] puck: Support for team and user restrictions
  • [UPDATE] Welcome UI: Replace blog post section in Welcome UI with Quick Links
  • [UPDATE] Upload UI: Added improved support for displaying icons of iPad only apps
  • [UPDATE] Upload UI: Don't enable download if dSYM package is uploaded only
  • [UPDATE] Crash Viewer: Show bundle identifier and version in SCM assignment UI
  • [UPDATE] Crash Viewer: Improved performance for file system based (non Git) repositories
  • [BUGFIX] puck: Fixed app icons being interlaced and not showing correctly on Firefox and Chrome when uploading using Yosemite
  • [BUGFIX] Various minor additional fixes and improvements

HockeySDK 3.0 for Mac


We are happy to announce a new release of HockeySDK for Mac. This new version adds a new UI for the feedback component, support for attachments, and improvements to the crash reporting component:

If you're interested, the full release notes are below.


  • [NEW] Requires OS X 10.7 or newer
  • [NEW] Converted source code to ARC
  • [NEW] Added BITHockeyAttachment for more customizable attachments to feedback and crash reports (content-type, filename)
  • [UPDATE] Property delegate in all components is now private. Set the delegate on BITHockeyManager only!
  • [NEW] Added [BITHockeyManager testIdentifier] to check if the SDK reaches the server. The result is shown on the HockeyApp website on success.
  • [NEW] BITFeedbackManager: Updated user interface
  • [NEW] BITFeedbackManager: Added support for attachments, including preview
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Crash Report UI is not presented modal any longer!
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Added option to define a custom UI flow before sending a crash report, see setCrashReportUIHandler:
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Provide details on a crash report (see lastSessionCrashDetails)
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Added support for adding a binary attachment to crash reports
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Added the option to define callbacks that will be executed prior to program termination after a crash has occurred. Callback code has to be async-safe! See setCrashCallbacks.
  • [NEW] BITCrashManager: Added generateTestCrash method to more quickly test the crash reporting
  • [UPDATE] BITCrashManager: Updated PLCrashReporter to version 1.2
  • [UPDATE] BITCrashManager: Mach Exception handler is now enabled by default
  • [UPDATE] BITCrashManager: Crash reports are now send individually if there are multiple pending
  • [BUGFIX] Various bugfixes

CrashProbe Reloaded


It's been a while since we launched CrashProbe, our test suite that benchmarks and compares popular iOS and Mac OS X crash reporting services. Since that time, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite have been released with exciting new features for developers.

We're pleased to announce that CrashProbe has been updated to reflect the latest OS updates and we're quite happy to see that HockeyApp still continues to lead with the best and more effective crash reporting. Surprisingly, other services have not kept up with the pace of development and do not support Swift, iOS 8 frameworks, or app extensions, resulting in much worse results.

Here are the results:

CrashProbe for iOS

CrashProbe for OS X

CrashProbe is open source, so you can perform all tests yourself with any crash reporting framework. The source code is available under the MIT license on GitHub. As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please send us a message using our support system.